Welcome to my academic website!

I am an applied mathematician at MIT. My main research interests are currently:

  • Complex function theory

  • Fluid dynamics

  • Machine learning and data-driven methods


I am currently an Instructor in Applied Mathematics at MIT. Previously I was an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. I completed my PhD in July 2019 in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, I completed a four-year MMath at the University of Oxford.


I am originally from Reading, UK. Beyond research, my interests are sports, music and theology.


Here are three papers I've been working on recently:

  • 2020: "Exact solutions for ground effect" (link)
    Peter J. Baddoo, M. Kurt, L. J. Ayton, K. W. Moored, Journal of Fluid Mechanics Rapids

  • 2019: "Periodic Schwarz–Christoffel mappings with multiple boundaries per period" (link)
    Peter J. Baddoo, D. G. Crowdy, Proceedings of the Royal Society A


  • 2019: "Unsteady aerodynamics of porous aerofoils" (link)
    Peter J. Baddoo, R. Hajian, J. W. Jaworski, preprint

You can view a more complete list here.


1st Early Career Applied Mathematics meeting
18th March 2021


  1. The image in the header is an illustration of the trajectories of point vortices embedded in a potential flow with a periodic array of obstacles. The dynamical system can be expressed in a conservative form which leads to a Hamiltonian that describes the vortex paths. The colours denote the energy of each configuration: red means highly energetic states whereas blue corresponds to states with low interaction energy. Analytic expressions for the trajectories are available in a canonical circular domain which is then mapped to the physical domain using a new periodic Schwarz–Christoffel mapping formula.

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